Farhana A. Rahman

Farhana A. Rahman is one of the most successful individuals among the very few selected successful women entrepreneurs in the IT Industry of Bangladesh. She is also currently Considered as one of the successful entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

In order to create opportunities for the development of talented human resources of our citizens in the IT industry of Bangladesh along with creating huge employment opportunity, her talent and vision towards the implementation of the Digital Bangladesh dream is far-reaching. 

During her 14-year-old long Career, she has already received several respectable rewards as a successful women entrepreneur.

She has shown her every business endeavor as a medium of overall socioeco-nomic development, not being confined in the business purpose only. In addition to making our young people efficient in IT sector, especially to motivate more women participation in IT a formal affiliation took place with Bangladesh Women in IT (BWIT) in order to undertake Various IT related projects.

As a milestone in the software industry of Bangladesh, she established the UY Systems Ltd in the year of 2003, which started its journey by developing simple types of software, but today a large portion of consumers of the UY Systems Ltd and software solution are from the western part of the world. UY Systems VAT management software (VMS) is considered as one of the top five VAT management software companies listed by NBR. 

Among the software created by the UY Systems notables are – restaurant management software, hospital management software, ERP, HRMS and POS software.


Membership and Certification

CMMI Level 3 Certified, ISO 9001-2008 certified & Member of BASIS, BCS, BACCO